Gallerie CK


Paul Kong’s CK Weddings cater to an international clientele, with couples from the UK, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the US requesting the photographic studio’s candid and artistic approach to wedding photography.

CK’s Style

CK Weddings’ crisp yet silky-smooth blend of illustrative (artistic) style and reportage wedding photography simply oozes sophistication and pure talent. This is one of the few photographers whose resume would be complete simply with a gallery of their past work. Simply put, their pictures speak a thousand words. As a sort of artistic motif, many of CK’s photographs make use of location or an old object in a highly successful manner, bordering on vintage.

Gallerie CK will cover your event in a creative photojournalistic style & apply portrait Journalism with a perfect blend of photojournalism & illustrative wedding photography styles that is more like a collision between art, candid & wedding photography.


Website: Gallerie CK

Blog: Gallerie CK

Facebook: CKwedding professional Wedding photography

Twitter: @Paulkongck


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