Invitation cards reflect the couple, Not the wedding

Wedding Invitations & RSVPs

Wedding invitations are often one of the first things that come to mind when you begin to think about planning your wedding. Invitation cards are unique because they represent the couples personality and can set the whole theme of the wedding, so be sure to select them carefully. There are multiple options for designing your own invitation cards such as colours, styles and price range. If you are interested in creating your own invitation cards, feel free to discuss with your friends and family to help create the invitation cards you desire.

It is also customary to include RSVP cards with wedding invitations so that your guests will have a method of responding and you will be able to receive all the information from them that you need. A simple RSVP will include your contact information and a location for your guests to indicate if they are coming and how many guests they will be bringing. You can also add more details like a meal choice just in case you have guests who are vegetarians or are not able to eat certain foods.

Save The Dates

Sending out a Save The Date card is a great way to give your guests a little additional time to prepare for your wedding. They are especially important for guests that will have to travel in order to attend your wedding. Save The Dates are quite simple, with an announcement of the wedding date and informing the recipient that they can expect an invitation closer to the wedding date.

Whether or not you send out Save The Date cards is entirely a personal preference. There is no rule that states that you must send out a Save The Date. Destination weddings are almost always announced early due to the additional costs and planning that if often required by the guests. It is considered polite and tells your guests that you care enough to give them extra time to prepare for your special day.


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